Visa Information

Participants are requested to read this section carefully !

Local Participants please register here

All officially designated participants and their accompanying persons WILL require a visa to enter India. Participants will need to have a Conference visa (e-visa is not permitted) to enter India. Accompanying person(s) can avail the e-visa to come to India.

The person(s) must complete the following steps given in Section A.  

A. Preparation of visa documents for FEC2018

Registration of passport information via a local FEC2018 visa registration website. The following information (as per the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India) regarding the participant and accompanying person(s) is necessary for registration:

* Name as printed in the passport.
* Nationality.
* Date of birth (DD-MM-YYYY).
* Place & Country of Birth
* Gender of the applicant.
* Type of passport: General passport, Official passport, or Diplomatic passport.
* Passport Number
* Date of issue of passport
* Place of issue of passport
* Date of expiry of passport
* Institution / Affiliation (which must be the same as that stated in the IAEA visa support letter).
* Present address
* Designation / Position in the institution above.
* City and country where you will apply for your visa.
* Number of accompanying persons

The following documents have to be uploaded along with the above data.

* A clear copy of the relevant pages of the applicant's passport in PDF format.

* Passport size photograph (for conference ID only!).
Color photograph in JPEG file format with Resolution at 480 x 640 pixels or larger. Full face, without a hat or other apparel covering the head.  The face should cover at least 70% of the photograph.  Click here for instructions on photo to be uploaded for conference ID is here.

The deadline for visa registration is 22 August 2018

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Important Information

Visa support for participants who have registered for FEC2018 upto 22 August 2018 will be availabale. Please note that the Local Organizing Committee will not be able to support a visa to enter India for participants after this date.

The following would be the tentative timeline for visa process ;

1. Receipt of a visa support letter from IAEA (Around end of May 2018)

A visa support letter will be been sent to participants from IAEA via e-mail by the end of May 2018. Every participant who needs a visa is strongly encouraged to check e-mail from IAEA and if they have not received it by May 2018, they are requested to contact IAEA, at the earliest to get it.

On the basis of the visa support letter issued by IAEA, An invitation letter will be issued by the host institute, ie, Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India) in support of the visa.  

2. Notification of visa-application starts (around the end of August 2018)

Once the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) provides the security clearance, and the Indian Embassies/Consular Offices in various countries will be notified regarding the details of the approved participants. We will send a notification e-mail to all the participants once we receive information of approval from the MHA.

3. After the receipt of our email, participants should apply for the Conference Visa at their nearest Indian Embassy / Consular office.

Participants must follow the procedure given by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in order to obtain a visa to enter India. Careful preparation of the visa application is strongly recommended to minimize delays.  Please see the India Visa Online website for visa application and other related information.
The following documents must be attached to the written application of the participant:

* Visa support letter from IAEA.
* Invitation letter from host (Institute for Plasma Research).

In addition to the visa information, please also upload your photograph for your conference badge in the same form. Details of photo to be uploaded are given here. Please contact us at <> if you have any questions regarding the visa process.

Visa process for participants who registered with the IAEA
before 22 August 2018

(Participants who register with the IAEA between 1 July and 4 September 2018: below process is the same, local organizers will provide visa support  but notification and application will only be possible in late September)

(Participants who register with the IAEA after 5 September 2018: the local organizers can no longer provide visa support ; the IAEA will send visa support letter and participants apply for a conference visa, see Step 6 below)  

May 2018: IAEA sends all officially designated participants a visa support letter

June 2018: Local organizers will send Invitation letter quoting the purpose of the event (this letter is needed for some participants to get their national passport)

June – 1 July 2018: participants access the link on the local organizers website providing relevant data (this link will be disabled on 5 September 2018)

1 July: Local Organizers will send relevant data to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

August 2018: Local organizers will send email notification to participants that they can now apply for a visa

Beginning of September 2018: Participants apply for a Conference visa following below 3 steps.

Visa Process Overview

Step 1: Choose "Regular Visa Application" for registration and fill in your details.

IMPORTANT: write down your Application ID (which is needed to print your visa application form and check the status)

Step 2: Visa appointment at the Indian Mission (to be done by each participant at his/her own convenience).
Following documents to bring to the appointment:

The duly signed physical copy of the application form completed in all respect and submitted successfully (see point 1). For printing go to:

supporting documents

Step 3: Receive passport/visa (check status of Visa Application under Visa Enquiry.)

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